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On January 6, 2022 I presented my talk “Lace — So Lovely There was a Law Against It” online for the Loudoun County Public Library.  You can watch the presentation online at the Library’s YouTube channel. Here’s the link


Several of the English-language organizations and museums offer books – including used books – for sale. Others have lending libraries and list their contents online. Here are three books about Ipswich lace:

The Laces of Ipswich: The Art and Economics of an Early American Industry, 1750-1850 by Marta Cottertell Raffel

The Lace Samples from Ipswich, Massachusetts, 17889-1790: History, Patterns, and Working Diagrams from 22 Lace Samples Preserved at the Library of Congress by Karen H. Thompson

Fine Thread, Lace and Hosiery in Ipswich by Thomas Franklin Waters and Jess Fewkes.


New York Times

Preserving, Collecting, and Displaying Old Lace” Includes comments by Bryce Reveley whose company Gentle Arts  restores and cleans antique lace and textiles.


Tips on How to Handle Antique Textiles and Costumes

Victoria and Albert Museum

Cleaning Textiles




Bruges, Belgium

Museum of Costume and Lace (Musee de Costume et de la dentelle)

Brussels, Belgium


International Spitzensammlung, Nordhalben, Germany


Lace Museum (Museo del Merlotto)

Burano Island Near Venice, Italy


Mares Lace Museum

Arenys de Mar


St. Gallen Textile Museum

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Textilmuseum St.Gallen


United Kingdom

Wardown House, Museum, and Gallery

Luton, England

The Lace Guild Museum and Gallery

Stourbridge, England

United States

Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles

Berkeley, California

Oneida Nation Museum

Here is an article discussing Oneida lace.

Le Pere, Wisconsin

The Lace Museum

Sunnyvale, California

The Lace Museum, Detroit

The Smithsonian

The Museum of American History has a lace collection.




Chesapeake Region Lace Guild

Member Karen H. Thompson has led trips to the Smithsonian to discuss lace and is the author of the book (above under Books) about Ispwich lace.  There is a link to contact her under the “About” tab where she is listed as the Volunteer Hours Recorder.


The International Organization of Lace, Inc.


Piedmont Lace Guild of Virginia

Founding President Birgette Tessler commented online after my talk and offered her email address for those interested in contacting her.





Music and lacemaking in England

French National Meeting of Lacemakers

An Introduction to Bobbin Lace

 Bruges Lace lady – watch her bobbins fly!


Photo by Diane Helentjaris