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The Indenture of Ivy O’Neill

by Diane Helentjaris

“This historical novel by Diane Helentjaris needs a Trigger Warning for readers — it’s a one-sit read. The best thing you can do after picking up this book is head to the nearest hotel that has room service. Order a pot of coffee and whatever you want to nosh on. Settle down for a good read without a care in the world beyond the Irish lass,…” “Riveting…”

Diaspora by Diane Helentjaris

A poetry chapbook sharing the true story of the aftermath of immigration. Published independently 2021.

Glimpses of Our World: A Bilingual Anthology of Greek American Poetry

Edited by Ipatia K. Apostolides. Features my poems “A Modern Odyssey” and “Quickening.” 2020 Publishing Inc.

Strife and Harmony: An International Anthology of Stories

Edited by Dixiane Hallaj and D.J. Stevenson. Features my historical fiction story “Names in a Hat.” 2019 S&H Publishing


Print publications have been in Middleburg LifeGenealogy Today, Loudouner Magazine, Blue Ridge Leader and Loudoun Times Mirror. Online sites such as Live an Artful Life, Make a Living Writing, and Religion Unplugged feature articles by Diane. Here are a few examples:

“A Look Back at the Catholic Ghost of Wizard Clip”

“The Quest to Save Alaskan Artist Vic Sparks’ Legacy”

“Weeping at the Congressional Hearing”


The Silk Mill

Twice a month Diane publishes a free newsletter for people who love the world of fabrics and textiles.