“Delightful account…thoroughly enjoyable.” Review by the Novel Historical Society

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The Indenture of Ivy O’Neill

by Diane Helentjaris

Not every immigrant sailed willingly to America…

Ivy O’Neill’s idyllic childhood ends in disaster in 1690 when redecorated soldier’s cross the Celtic Sea to invade Ireland. While the O’Neill family struggles to survive on the Irish coast,, George Stokely is building a life in the British Colony of Maryland. All he needs to make his Chesapeake tobacco farm thrive is more help. The Indenture of Ivy O’Neill is an immersive story of courage, the meaning of family, and the transformative power of immigration.

“This historical novel by Diane Helentjaris needs a Trigger Warning for readers — it’s a one-sit read.”  Lenora Rain-Lee Good, author.

“a riveting read…”   Charles Ray, author

Other readers agree —

“Travel, twists, and turns and romance to religion, survival, history of the new world, all told in a fun way.”

“a fine work of historical fiction that brings American colonial history to colorful life”

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