Waterford, Virginia by Diane Helentjaris.

Diane Helentjaris, a writer and photographer, is a 2020 Finalist in the Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award. You can usually find her busily working in and around her home base of northern Virginia. She loves this gorgeous Blue Ridge Piedmont and no one is surprised to find its people and viewscapes starring in her writing and photos. Her articles, many featuring artists, women, nonconformists and other often overlooked gems, are in print and online. Active in the writing community, Diane is a member of the Hellenic Writers Group of Washington, DC, James River Writers, Maryland Writers Association, Pennwriters, and Round Hill Writers Group. She speaks to and writes for other writers about the craft, delving into ethics, the writing process and article writing. She served as a 2019 and 2020 judge in the Pennwriters Annual Writing Competition.

A photographer since childhood, Diane taps her work to illustrate her publications and are popular with others needing just the right image to help tell their story.  Her award-winning photographs are exhibited nationally. Diane is currently a featured photographer for Unsplash and Getty’s iStock. Within the first month of sharing a small (less than forty) collection of her photos on the Unsplash site, her images rose to be in the ten percent of traffic. Within the first three months, her popular photos garnered over 500,000 views and over 1800 downloads. At last count, her photos have garnered over 10 million views.

Born and raised in southern Ohio, Diane was educated in the cold of Michigan and Quebec. She earned her BA cum laude in Interdisciplinary Humanities as well as her M.D. from Michigan State and her Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan.  She also studied science at McGill University in Montreal.

As a physician, Diane Helentjaris served, among other leadership roles, as the national President of the American Medical Women’s Association. Diane has represented the organization in multiple national health advocacy activities  including national media interviews, White House and Congressional meetings and testifying at the FDA. During her service with the Virginia Department of Health, she held state-level leadership positions. She served as the Maternal Child Health Director, Director of Family Health Services, and Director of H1N1 Response. She received Our Health’s Annual Award of Excellence and Community Leadership.  She taught graduate-level public health management at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has been a frequent spokeswoman to the national, regional and local media on public health, woman’s health, and health advocacy matters.

As a freelancer, Diane Helentjaris can help you with your writing needs. This service includes ghostwriting, blog posts, grant submission editing and white papers. She also is available for virtual speaking engagements. Contact Diane directly at helentjari@aol.com.